The new year brings a new SKD featurette called "Sequence of the month" (SOTM) - short trick sequences aimed at giving fliers ideas to work into their own flying sessions. SOTM assumes that a flier has the "building blocks" of trick flying in place, but at the same time, the sequences are not designed to push the boundaries of freestyle or be too over-the-top. Each video will be accompanied by a brief description of what's going on in the sequence, and which aspects to look out for as a flier. 

SOTM January starts with a snap multilazy, then a half axel to fly left before another snap lazy. At this point I transition straight into a fractured axel, rollout, backflip and hit the lazy susan firmly for more than one rotation with a single pop. As the lazy rotates past one complete rotation, I interrupt the spin to draw the kite back into a sideways flying position, then cascade back and forth before flying diagonally upwards. Another snap multilazy at this point, then straight back into the fractured axel and a yoyo for the lewis. It's particularly important to have the nose pointing straight up before the yoyo because it will set the scene for the lazy rotation and the cleanliness of the lewis exit. Rather than fly up and out of the lewis, I spice things up by drawing the lines back gently to coerce the kite into a front-flip, providing a great setup to push the kite back for an assertive lazy susan "full stop" ending to the sequence.

As always, aim to keep the components of the sequence "square" -- with the nose of the kite pointing at a 12/3/6/9 position on a clockface -- or the 45 degree angles in between. This contributes a lot towards a tidier overall look to your flying.

'Till next month,