SOTM February is all about inverses -- snap lazies with the rotation initiated from the side of the kite that was high (rather than low) before the snap turtle.

The sequence begins with an MXS flying diagonally downwards into shot before hitting the the first inverse. The kite is carrying quite a bit of forward speed, so the inputs for the snap turtle and lazy must be done in rapid succession and with authority. The first inverse effectively levels the kite and leaves it pointing upwards, opening the door for a light-touch axel to exit horizontally, flying to the right. I then hit the second inverse, this time with less force, but keep it rotating for two lazy susans before another axel to exit flying left. At this point the multilazy inverse is repeated in the opposite direction and the end of the sequence is punctuated by a firm two-point landing, initiated from horizontal flight.

This sequence is a good example of the importance of being ambidextrous when you're flying freestyle. Aim to be capable of flying all of your tricks and sequences in both directions, and be wary of favouring your dominant hand. For example, if you're flying Jacobs Ladders, try to alternate between clockwise/counter-clockwise half lazy and lateral roll steps.

'Till next month,