SOTM April focuses on a multi-slot machine that flows into a half-axel exit to a horizontal two-point landing.

In this sequence I deliberately deviate from the typical "top-to-bottom" multi-slot that descends with each slot stacked directly below the previous one. Instead, the kite follows a diagonally-downward path which is created by inserting a tiny length of horizontal flight between each slot machine.

A key aspect to multi-slot success is the exit position of each individual slot since it forms the entry point for the subsequent iteration. Aim to draw up the slack as each slot completes so that the nose points as close as possible to the 3/9 o'clock position. Under-cooking the top-wing input will cause the nose to point somewhere between 3/9 and 6 o'clock, making the next iteration possible but unclean. Over-cook the input and the nose position will lie between 3/9 and 12 o'clock, making the next slot very difficult indeed.

Keep your inputs smooth and gentle; the multi-slot is not a trick that appreciates brute-force, even in high winds.

'Till next time,