SOTM May is a medium length sequence that mixes a variety of tricks, from simple building blocks such as the fractured axel, to newer moves like the comete.

With both wingtips on the ground, I begin with a simple fractured axel. During the axel part of the move, draw your hands back firmly but gradually, and take a step back, to achieve a reasonable amount of height from the ground. From the fade position the kite flows straight to backspins and a backflip to setup a lazy susan. The lazy is hit hard enough to make two full rotations, but I interrupt the spin after one-and-a-half to exit into a horizontal flying position. This is the perfect setup for another fractured axel.

Angling the fade as a setup for the flatspin, the kite does a snappy fade-to-540 which immediately flows into a comete. If you can reliably fade-to-540 and comete as individual tricks, my best advice for this transition is to avoid over analysing or over thinking the situation; the flow will probably come more naturally than you expect. The kite flies out of the comete and into a series of alternating inverses, similar to those in SOTM February.

'Till next time,