SOTM June provides ground and aerial views of the snap multilazy - one trick done repeatedly, in this case fast to fit an aggressive flying style.

In the first view, the kite enters from the top of the frame, flying diagonally downwards. I initiate a snap lazy but don't make the inputs quite as strong as usual because the lines need to maintain some tension for the multilazy rotations that follow. The multilazy input is simply a repetitive pulsing of the left line, making sure not to overdo the input strength; once the kite is rotating, it takes less force to keep spinning. Time your inputs for the repeated lazies earlier than you might expect - give the inputs as the kite is on its way to face you, rather than when the kite is facing you.

The aerial view shows the same sort of trick, though this time for a horizontal flight entry. In this sequence the multilazy ends with a half-axel, then a single quick snap lazy to drop the kite to a two-point landing.

The snap multilazy is a great trick to add punch and puctuation to your flying, and it is typically easier to learn than multilazies from a standard backflip. The Mohawk XSMX Comp and MX are excellent at this trick.

'Till next time,