SOTM July is a fairly lengthy sequence that will really test your success rate for each of its component tricks.

The sequence begins with an MXS entering shot from a comete off-screen, transitioning to a rolling susan that is hit harder and later than usual to get a full rotation. With the nose upward, I quickly axel to a horizontal position, then perform an over-rotated slot machine and roll it fluidly into a fade for the next segment. As is most often the case when I'm flying, the kite doesn't hang around in the fade - it promptly transitions into three backspins, a backflip and a hard lazy susan input for 1.5 rotations.

The kite is pulled into a skewed fade which provides an excellent setup for the fade-to-flatspin, one of my favourite building blocks. The flatspin ends with the kite horizontal, facing rightwards, then transitions into something (very roughly) like a fractured taz, and rolls out to a multilazy lewis before flying straight up out of frame.

'Till next time,