SOTM August looks at changing up the pacing and strength of tricks mid-sequence, a great way to add a dynamic element to your flying.

The sequence begins with an MXS flying quite fast, diagonally downwards into frame. Flight is interrupted by a snap multilazy performed with very firm inputs to ensure the lazy rotations are assertive. After two rotations, a half axel marks the point at which the sequence pacing changes from fast and snappy, to a slower, much lighter touch. The half axel sets the kite up for a multi-slot, and I'm careful to keep the inputs gentle and smooth throughout each of the three slot machines. The multi-slot looks best when you stay closely connected to the kite with finely-tuned slack management -- aim to guide the kite through the rotations rather than pop, release and hope.  Another half axel finishes the sequence and the kite resumes flight for the next set of tricks.

'Till next time,