SOTM September is a medium length sequence that combines a comete, some flatspins, and a variation of the Jacob's Ladder.

The sequence opens with a snappy comete initiated from an upward curving flight path, and exiting in the same direction. The MXS powers up after exiting the comete, but pressure is quickly dumped with a snap lazy flowing into a fractured axel which puts the kite into a fade. The pause here is a punctuation mark in the sequence, similar to a comma in written text, creating some breathing space between what's happened, and what's about to follow.

The fade is angled to setup the flatspin exit and kept moving quickly back into a fade and lateral roll to start the Jacob's Ladder (JL) portion of the sequence. The first segment of the JL is followed by two backspins, flowing into the second half of the JL initiated with the opposite hand. From here, I move into a series of old school descending flic flacs, before a lateral roll to vertical flight.

This SOTM highlights the value of mixing left and right-handed tricks. The comete, snap lazy, and flatspin parts are right-hand dominant, while the fractured axel and backspins are lead by the left-hand. Try to mix up your left and right hand dominance in sequences, if just to add variety.

'Till next time,