SOTM October is about two types of flatspin tricks - the fade-to-slot and "plain" slot machine - performed in alternating directions.

The kite enters frame with a taz machine already started in a diagonally downward angle. The taz is interrupted to bring the kite into a skewed fade which is the setup for the first of three fade-to-slot iterations. Each fade-to-slot is done by pushing the kite out of the angled fade and into a flare, and as the flare is still moving, lightly pop the top wing for the flatspin rotation. Each slot ends with the kite horizontal, the setup for a gentle fractured axel which puts the kite into a fade for the next fade-to-slot. To alternate the direction of each flatspin, skew the fade with micro-adjustments of line tension. Following the first half of the sequence, I fly a "standard" slot cascade to continue the flatspin theme.

The key to success with this sort of sequence is a light touch and a feeling of staying connected to the kite. The fractured axels are best done by guiding the kite via the lines, rather than popping the lines. In this sequence, aim for just enough slack to allow the flatspins to rotation freely; all other parts can be kept tight. Light-to-moderate winds will also help substantially.

'Till next time,