Sportkitedesign wind brakes. Fitted to your SKD kite, these will reduce pull and forward speed in high wind conditions. The brakes can be fitted in three configurations:

  • Flat - on the lower spreaders to the upper spreader. Maximum braking effect.
  • Vertical - on the standoffs to the upper spreader. Less braking effect but increased pitch speed.
  • Horizontal - on the standoffs to the centre T. A trade-off between braking effect and increased pitch speed.

Price is per pair, with a screen printed bag.  For even more pull reduction, fit two pairs of the brakes in the flat configuration!


Sportkitedesign straps, available in full-size wrist straps and finger straps.  Price is per pair.


Suitable for all SKDs kites, these weights come in a set of 5, 15, and 20 grams.